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How do I obtain a copy of the County Commission agenda?
1. You can view a copy of the agenda on our website after 9:00 a.m. on the Thursday before a regular scheduled commission meeting.

2. A hard copy can be provided upon request from the County Manager's Office prior to the meeting. Copies are also available on the day of the County Commission meeting.

3. The agenda is also visibly posted at the following locations:

Tonopah Convention Center
301 Brougher Ave.
Tonopah, NV

U.S. Post Office
201 Erie Main St.
Tonopah, NV

Commissioner's Chambers
101 Radar Rd.
Tonopah, NV

District Court
101 Radar Rd.
Tonopah, NV

Nye County Administration
2100 E. Walt Williams Dr. #100
(Calvada Eye)
Pahrump, NV

The Ian Deutch Government Complex
1520 E. Basin Ave.
Pahrump, NV

Beatty Justice Court
426 C Avenue South
Beatty, NV

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3. How do I obtain a copy of the County Commission agenda?
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101 Radar Road, P.O. Box 153 Tonopah, Nevada 89049 Ph: (775) 482-8191